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The Steelhouse Festival is committed to ensuring that all our visitors have the best chance possible to enjoy the Festival – whatever their ability.


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Medical and welfare facilities are available at the First Aid tent in the main arena - between 11:30am and Midnight - to provide first aid, minor casualty and resuscitation. They have details of emergency dentists and local pharmacies.

Stewards and security are also on hand and where possible, can offer you help and support if you are unwell or require assistance.



If you need to be accompanied by an assistance dog, please provide evidence that your dog is registered with an organisation that is a member of Assistance Dogs UK.



Temporary impairments will be considered at our discretion, on a case-by-case basis.  Please e-mail us at info@steelhouselive.co.uk if you have any specific requirements you would like us to consider.



The Steelhouse Festival offers free Personal Assistant Access (PAA) if someone is unable to attend the Festival without support. 
Please note that this will not be a physical ticket - you will need to bring your approval email to the Festival with you and present it at the Box Office to obtain the relevant wristbands. However please be aware that your carer will need to purchase the relevant Camping/Campervan Site/Campervan Pass.

Please note the person you choose to attend with you as a Carer/PA should be willing and able to assist you throughout your visit and would be available to help you in an evacuation or emergency.  
Once you have purchased your ticket, you must register for a ‘PAA’ and the other facilities you require. To do this, please print off the Access Requirement form within the attached Accessibility Policy document at the bottom of this section.

Once you have filled it in, please send it back to us with a photocopy of one of the following:

  1. Your DLA/PIP letter (front page only)
  2. A letter from your doctor clearly confirming the need for the requests on your Access Requirements Form
  3. Deaf or blind registration
  4. The Nimbus Access Card (with relevant '+1' approval)
  5. Blue Badge (not sufficient if applying for a PA/Carer ticket but adequate for Accessible Car Park only requests)

Both your Access Requirements Form and proof of disability will need to be received together, in order to be reviewed.
You can send your completed Access Requirements Form and proof of disability back to us, by any of the following methods:

E-mail: access@steelhouselive.co.uk 
Post: Unit 15 Cwm Business Centre, Cwm, Ebbw Vale, Gwent  NP23 7TB.

We will review your Access Requirements Form and come back to you within 2 weeks of receiving it.  You will then be given full instructions on purchasing your ticket(s) and what to do when you arrive at the Festival.


Deadline for applications:

Sunday 30th June 2024






We will endeavour to ensure all facilities are accessible, however, visitors should bear in mind that this Festival is on a working farm at the top of a mountain.  The site is mostly grassed and has natural inclines and dips.  During inclement weather these can become boggy and some areas of the site may not be suitable for wheelchairs.  However, our stewards are on hand at all times and will be happy to assist wherever possible.

In order for us to provide the best possible service and to ensure there will be space to accommodate you, please assist us by letting us know your specific access requirements in advance (see Accessibility Policy document attached below).  
The Festival site is relatively compact, with the maximum distance from the Accessible Car Park to the Arena entrance being approximately 30metres. The distance from the Arena entrance to the stage is approximately 150metres.

Trackmatting and Trakway is laid out around the arena to facilitate movement.



All performances take place in one main Arena.  The Arena entrance is located approximately 10metres away from the Accessible Campsite.  Within the Arena, unisex accessible toilets are provided.

You are permitted to bring chairs into the arena.



The Festival has a dedicated Accessible Car Park for Blue Badge Holders/Approved users, which is situated approximately 30metres from the Arena entrance.

We will endeavour to provide assistance in carrying camping equipment/baggage etc. from the Accessible Car Park to the Accessible Campsite.  However, this cannot be guaranteed.



The Accessible Campsite is situated adjacent to the arena entrance.  Unisex accessible toilets are provided in this Campsite as well as a general toilet for those without accessibility issues. Shower facilities are situated within this site.

Please also be mindful when pitching your tent to allow space for fellow campers to maneuverer around the area.



The Accessible Live-In Site is now located adjacent to the arena entrance. 

You will need to let a steward on duty be aware that you are approved to use this area and be prepared to present your authorisation email if requested.



A small viewing platform situated in the main arena is available for wheelchair users. Please be mindful that there is a limited space available for wheelchair users and their carers.


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