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Steelhouse Festival Reviews


Planet Rock 

Our roving reporter Steve Beebee ventured up the mountain alongside the Planet Rock crew, a few hundred volunteers and thousands of rock fans. Here's what he found... 

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Twelve months ago, in the face of daunting odds, Steelhouse showrunners Mikey Evans and Max Rhead successfully staged the UK’s first rock music event of scale in well over a year. It felt more like ten. It was, to put it mildly, an emotional and soul-stirring revival. With the pandemic causing line-up shuffles into the weekend itself, it probably fried the duo’s nerves, but what it did for everyone else is frankly difficult to express in a sentence. Perhaps beyond anything it evoked gratitude – with thoughts of what we’d once taken for granted, and of what it now actually means to stand in a field, just one but part of many, united behind the thing we love. It’s no wonder, then, that before introducing one of tonight’s bands, Planet Rock’s Ian Danter surveys the scene with a mixture of relish and wonder and says: this really feels like home.


Metal Planet Music

FridaySaturday and Sunday review

It’s been a belter – 23 bands across 3 days with a band of volunteers ensuring a fantastic festival. Here’s to 2023!


Louder Than War

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I’ve met some brilliant people and seen some truly excellent bands. Would I return to Steelhouse? You bet I would. Rock ‘n’ roll on next year


Stokes Media

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My first Steelhouse and what a lovely festival experience it was. It really felt like a family.


Moshville Times

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It doesn’t matter how many times you come to this festival, arriving at the top of the mountain is a feeling like nothing else. The pure friendliness of the volunteers and organisers, the camaraderie between the fans and the quality of the line- up improves year on year


Devils Gate Media

FridaySaturday and Sunday review

enjoying one of the best, if not the best views of any UK festival



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one of the most popular and enjoyable festivals of the year


Jace Media

Day 1 and Day 2 review

A big thank you to Max Rhead, Mikey Evans, Graham Bonnet and Biff Byford for allowing me to be 19 years old again.



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so good to see a diverse selection of bands that offered plenty for everyone and also the opportunity to watch something you may not have come across otherwise



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Time spent up the mountain at the festival is always magical



FridaySaturday and Sunday review

the best UK festival



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